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Asked: 3 years ago

Is it really true that you can only scout 1 giant monster?

Is it really true that you can only scout 1 giant monster? and you just have to synth it so could catch other giants?

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From: Jahozafat124 3 years ago

you can only have 1 each Wormonger, Bjorn, Missing Lynx, Empyrea at a time, Khalamari you can scout and synth to get so its possible to have copies, you can get more Wormongers ect. by synthing the current giants into new monsters (synthing to keep the form will not work). This way you can have all the Giant monsters in the game at one time if you wish

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Once you are able to scout giant monsters, you can scout as many giant monsters as you want.

However Giant monsters like Wormonger, Bjorn, Lynx, Empryea and Khalamari if you have scouted them already,you cannot scout a copy of them unless you synth them with another monster,

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You can scout any giant monster at anytime after beating the game. You can only have one of each at a time, then you must synthesis it or release it to get another. The only giant monsters you can't scout are saggitar, leonyx, and rigor mortex, who are made by synthesizing. go to woodus's dragon den for more on synthesis.

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