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Asked: 3 years ago

Portal mirrors?

How do I find the portal mirrors in the US release of DQMJ2? Do I have to beat the game first or can it be done before fighting the final boss?

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I'm talking bout the mirrors for the incarni. Where exactly do I find them (possible specific locations) & do I have the beat the evil giant lion monster before they appear?

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From: darkshadowspawn 3 years ago

Treepidation - Across the log near the Zip Portal (or around past the Boss Troll and up the hill).
Doubtback - Just outside the cave that houses the Missing Lynx when it's sleeping.
Iceolation - In the area you first encounter Frou-Frys, in the northern alcove.
Cragravation - Same area in which you found the Phoenix Staff (possibly exactly there).
Unshore - Second area, in the little alcove.
Bemusoleum - Unless I'm mistaken (I've not reached this area yet), it's the first sun door you encounter after entering...the room in which you pick up Vanish.

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Did you mean the doors in the dark world like dark holes or mirrors?
you have to beat leonyx (good side) to gain access to the dark world..
Well you have to beat rigor mortex (final boss) in the dark world if you want access to the light world...

Light world is the secret place where you can level up your monsters to their maximum level...

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Or it is about mirrors about encountering incarnus forms?

You can find them on treepidation , doutback , bemosoleum blue door where you can obtain vanish...

I think there are still remaining because now im trying to find other mirrors..

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