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Asked: 3 years ago

Question about Leonyx?

Today I fought Leonyx and he killed all of my team except my Metal Slime. At first I tried reviving my other monsters with Zing, but after awhile it seemed to have no point. Each time my slime attacks it does around 100 damage, and it too me 90 turns to beat him, I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how many hitpoints this monster has?

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From: KazamaArashi 3 years ago

Leonyx right? Not Malevolynx? Well if it's Leonyx, he has ~6100 HP points. Also, it's best to have a healer that is capable of healing for most of your Monsters HP. That or have more durable monsters when you went and fought him.

And if you thought he was hard, try fighting Rigor Mortex.

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I think the best way to beat him is to synthesizing a Balhib, because of their crusader skill set they have a bunch of useful healing spells as well as kazap and other stuff. you can make by combining a fiern fiend, a magmalice, a golem, and a gold golem. Balhibs have really good attack and defense so they're well worth the effort

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Easiest way to beat him alabast dragon and king bubble slime that knows cleric enough said.

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