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Asked: 2 years ago

What is the easiest way to synth Dhuran?

I need an easy way to synth Dhuran of the last boss.

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You can scout a Gigantes and synth it with a Belial.

Synth a Belial, scout an archdemon on Nrecopolis, you can get them at night. then Synth an Imp with a dancing demon to get a dessert demon make sure you synth them with a plus or negative rod to get a desserte demon that can synth with the archdemon to get the Belial you want.

Make sure also to use the +/- rod to make the Belial compatible with the Gigantes, after you synth them you get a Dhuran.

That is mine... but there is also another one, kinda easier if you can catch them, Demon at arms and a Living statue, or a Demon at arms and a dancing flame...

Woodus also have a very big list... you can check it out too...

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Demon at arms + any other monster.

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The easiest way is to synth a Demon-At-Arms, Wailin Weed, King Bubble Slime, Great Dragon, Thornella, Buffalogre, or a Killing Machine with a monster of the Demon Family that is a B rank or lower. Hope this helps!

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