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Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
A bone baron and a mumbohjumbo? 1
Are Meddle (not Metal) Slimes Scoutable? 1
Best way to get Fright Night? Lite Spoilers 6
Can anyone give suggestions for the synth ? (asap) 1
Can someone post a list about the no. of multi-attack for each monster with Hit Squad traits? 5
Can you help me with my Ultra Scout Team? 3
Dhuran or hargon? 2
Do resistances pass on and cumulate through synthesis? 2
Does the Stat Seeds carry over to the synthesized Monster? 1
Getting the Schleiman Tank? 1
Giant (Size 3) monsters: Worth it, or useless? 2
How do I combine four monsters? 2
How do I make a roseguardian and a ruin? 1
How do online rankings work? 1
How do you get an ultra slime from Eugene Poole ? 2
How do you synth pazuzu? 3
How good is pink sanguini? 2
Making Orochi? 1
Murdaw and Rigor Mortex? 2
Scout percentage? 2
Should I scout the Gigantes? and How? 2
Should I synthesise Dullahan or Black Dragon? 2
Stormsgate Citadel Recipe? 1
Synthing with the staff to keep current monster form? 2
Trauminator and Overkilling Machine Skillsets? 1
Trouble with upgrading skill sets? 2
Uber Mage (from X and X III) and Uber Stat Boosts - How do you make them? 1
What 3 skillsets would be good for a Mix it Up Tactic? 1
What exactly did critical hit do? 1
What is the best strategy for a Killing Machine, Golem and Goodybag XY team? 2
What is the best strategy for making a good balanced team? 1
What is the best strategy for picking good monsters? 2
What is the easiest way to get skills for my Sagittar? 1
What is the easiest way to synth Dhuran? 3
What skills make Uber Healer? 2
Where do I get Fire Breath Ward? 2
Which monsters can hit multiple times? 1
Which monsters can only be obtained through synthesis? 3
Who wanna battle? 4
Will Hit Squad combine with Klepto Clobber increase the chance to steal item? 1

Other Help Answers
2 Questions? 1
Action replay codes any? 5
After you beat the arena, what's the prize? 2
Any witchs here? 1
Anyone know where to find a guide in english? 2
Are there Pre-order bonuses? 1
Arena battle interface? 1
Battle road master skillset? 1
Breath , Lightning storm, and Big Banga? 1
Can I get an English version of this game? 2
Can someone give me captain crow? 1
Can you create a Four Body only monster by synthing with one monster? 1
Can you get another Metal King slime? 2
Can you read Monster information? 1
Can you scout that bird? 1
Captain Crow? 2
Do the bosses in the game reappear? 1
Does Fast Learner work if the Monster is in your Substitutes? 2
Does the Estark respawn? 2
Does this game use the top screen? 1
DQM:J transfer to DQM:J 2? 3
Eugene Poole monster prizes? 2
Getting an ultra slime? 1
Great Dragon / Bjorn ability bug? 2
How and Where can I find Prince of Thieves or Robbin' Hood? 1
How can we beat the game? 1
How do I catch gemon? 1
How do I get Estark? 4
How do I make a Trap Box? 2
How do i scout bjorn? 3
How do I scout the Sagittar? 2
How do I synthesize a Gem Slime? 2
How do I tag games? 2
How do you get ace of spades in this game??? 1
How do you get Stormsgate Citadel? 1
How do you know what an ability does? 1
How do you obtain the Leonyx and Rigor Mortex skills? 1
How do you release monsters you do not need? 1
How many times can you scout a monster in the same battle? 3
How to breed a wildcard? 1
How to get King Slime? 2
How to synthesize 4 monsters? 3
I need help on three questions,help? (answer asap) 3
I'm missing one scout skill? 1
i'm searching AR code for french version of Dragon Quest monsters Joker 2, anyone can help me ? 1
If you play with 3 wulfspades online will people think you are a hacker? 1
Incarni? 1
Is it really true that you can only scout 1 giant monster? 3
Is My Team Good? 3
Is Rigor Mortex worth getting? 1
Is the zenith dragon worth it? 5
Is there Blizzardy's and Phoenixes in this? 4
Is this going to be the same as 'Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional? 4
King bubbleslime? 1
Monster Codes? 1
Monster Combination ? 5
Monster level caps? 1
Save Problem? 1
Scout Tournament/Incarnus? 1
Scouting a Winky? 3
Scouting Metal Slimes? 3
Scouting problems maybe? 2
Selflessness? 1
Should I make a doulmagus with my alabast dragon and estark? 1
Synthesis levels? 1
The black holes in the under world? 1
The mud doll in the first area...? 1
Ultraslime and Nemeslime? 2
Unobs? 2
Walkthrough? 1
Weird monsters? 1
What are Breath attacks based on? 1
What are the engine differences between this and DQM:J? 1
What are the Registration Times to wmc? 1
What can Orochi make? 2
What does rhapthorne 2 make ? 1
What is that dragon coming out of the portal????? 2
What is the difference? 1
What is the easiest way to synth Jamirus? 1
What's the best way to farm for gold? 1
When can you get Mortella, Thornella, Dual Duallers, Dorsal Fiend. etc? 1
When does the scout tournament end? 2
Where can i find Estark? 4
Where can I find the old dude? 1
Where do I scout Golem? 1
Where's tag mode? 1
Which is better Wildcard or Leonxy? 1
Which monsters must be synthed to get? 1
Which rank for barbaras? 1
Which stat do moves like Lightning Storm or Scorch use wisdom or attack? 2
Why do monsters go above their maximum? 4
Wi-Fi team help? 1
Wi-fi tournaments? 2
Wifi? 2
Wildcard? 1
Will This Come Out In The US? 1
Will wifi ever return? 1
WTF Bouncer?! 2

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