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stuck on world 9 in Story Mode?

On the first world 9, Skywalker and Drone soldier enter a room which shows 2 characters being electrocuted. I cannot figure out to free them? I''ve tried everything?


donnahaddad answered:

First use the jump point on the right to get up on the ledge. Then use the force on the tube that is on the left of the screen. Jump on to the tube base, use the force on the next tube and then jump to the ledge on the left. Use the Drone to pull on the ring. Go down to the floor and use the force on the two grates. Go to the control panel, using the A button, pull it out. Do the same on the control panel on the right ledge. You have now released the 2 characters and the door opens. I might have left out a step or two, but you should have no problem following the logic. I hope this helps!
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