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How do I get the mini kit & red brick on Blue Virus?

I'm really struggling to get the mini kit and red brick on the Blue Virus level.

It's the bit BEFORE you go to the lift area - I've fixed the leaking pipe, move the flower to I can get on the walkway above. Now, I know that when you get to the end of the walkway to get to the open entrance to get to the next level it's as simple as walking through to get to the lift area.

My problem is that I want to jump up on the platform next to the doorway and jump over to where the flytrap is so I can jump up the platforms on the left to get the red brick then back down to the flytrap to get back up to the right to get the mini kit. HOWEVER, none of the characters I use can jump far enough between the first platform and the one next to the flytrap... on occasion I manage to judge it right to get onto that platform with a fluke double jump that works but then mess it up and fall and have to start all over again.

Which is the best character to use to get up to this mini kit and red brick? What am I doing wrong?! It's driving me mad... I've completed 98% of the game, it's really holding me back!

alarkra provided additional details:

HI Eric - I've been using the Jedi/Sith characters as I have been finding that, as you rightly say, they seem to work best. Do you have any strategic tips on where exactly to do the jump from on the first ledge? I do find that it's when I do the jump at the last second it sometimes works, but because of the weird angle of it, it always seems far much harder that you'd think to do it!


EricDent1 answered:

This is a rather tricky jump, but it can be done with pretty much any of the Jedi/Sith characters.
Just try to jump the 2nd time as late as possible, this is similar to a really long gap jump.
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