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How do we get rid of the 'force field' surrounding characters? 2
Blow Up Wall? 4
Gungan General Level - Act One? 1
What happens next? 1
Blue Virus Mission Help? 2
  • Total Answered Questions: 5
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How to get battle ships? 1
Walkthrough? 3
stuck on world 9 in Story Mode? 1
How do i enter coop? 1
How do you save the game? 1
How do I get the mini kit & red brick on Blue Virus? 1
How do I get past World 7? 1
Zikki monster ? 1
Where is the rec room? 1
Where can I find (rest of minikits & 2 red blocks)? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 10

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