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Asked: 3 years ago

Blow Up Wall?

Im on the first level and Im stuck at the area where you have a Heavy Trooper blow up a wall(right after yoda climbs a wall) and I have tried for 10 minutes just trying to blow the wall up and nothing is happening? and when I get over to the far left the heavy trooper instead of throwing the granade at the wall he throws it behind him please help me?

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From: zebag 3 years ago

Whenever there is a red flashing brick wall you just keep shooting it with the Heavy Trooper's gun. It'll start to turn white then explode.

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If you are where I think you are.... there should be some rocks around that area. Smash them all, and there should be parts to make a detonator. Then switch to Heavy Trooper and press A

Hope that helps...

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Which character do i smash the rocks with? Im at the area where you build a jedipad, and then you scale the clif using the force jump, and after that there is a cave with rocks and a red flashing brick wall which you are supposed to destroy with your heavy clone trooper and its not working

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Use the heavy trooper, HOLD down the Y key, for constant fire, and the wall will blow up.

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