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Asked: 4 years ago

Where are the fossils located?

I believe they are in the desert but I'm not sure where?

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From: supersayandoyle 4 years ago

After leaving the big city to the desert, take a left when you see the large bridge instead of going forwards. You'll be in the second desert region, which has a cave with idols surrounding it. there is a person nearby which will give you a choice between 2 options; the turtle is the first option.

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To get across the quicksand inside the cave, make sure you walk and not run/bike. The person who gives you the fossil is on the other side of the second quicksand.

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In the ancient castle

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Sese fg pr0

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You get the first in the ancient castle and the 2nd in N's castle. You can revive them in shippou city.

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You can get them from a Hiker,In the ancient castle.If your playing the Jap version,the first one is the rock bird aaken,and the second one is the Rock turtle pokemon,Purotoga.Then to revive them,you take them to the shippou city museum and talk to the woman on the right desk.she notices your fossil and asks to revive it.and there you go,You have either Purotoga the Ancient Turtle,or Aaken,the Old Bird Pokemon.

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The ancient castle

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