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Asked: 4 years ago

What is/are the best pokemon to use for HMs?

When I play pokemon my team usualy consists of 4-5 pokemon so the 1-2 other spots can be HM pokemon. I need some of the best choices fo pokemon that can learn from 2-4 HMs. The more the better. Right now I amonly using 4, but am cosidering a 5th member but still post as many options of pokemon that cna learn several HMs. Thanks in advance!

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From: Deviknyte 4 years ago

Panpour and Golurk gets you everything but dig.
Panpour and Rufflet gets you everything but flash.

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If you go to serebii(.)net and go to the black and white pokedex you can go through and find your on HM slaves

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Yeah is you choice. I used yannapu, musharna, minezumi for 6 HM + flash, dig TM

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Maybe this is a waste, but I still use Abagoura (the evolution of the blue turtle from the fossil) for strength, dive, and waterfall.
Abagoura is good with HM, because it can learn 4 of the 6 total HMs this time.
For fly, I have Kenhorou, and Surf Daikenki, both part of their useful moveset.

None of the HMs are tasteless this time to feel bad about wasting a moveslot with, like defog.

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You can use Tsunbeaa (polar bear) and Washibon (eagle)
but you can only catch it after some long journey right?

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Basculain for Dive, Waterfall,Cut,Surf
Swanna for Surf, Waterfall, Dive,Fly
Samurott for Surf, Cut, Strength, Dive, Waterfall

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BASCULIN waterfall surf dive
TROPIUS fly cut strength flash

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