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Stuck after Dragon Spiral Tower? ( possible spoilers. )

So, after getting to the top of the tower and having N tell me I have to find Zekrom, and then discussing that with everyone afterwards .. I'm kind of stuck on what I have to do next.
Belle says something about Route 4, I think? But my Japanese is pretty limited, so I'm not sure if there's something I have to do there to further the story.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you !

Accepted Answer

gamingmaster12 answered:

You have to head to Route 4 and go through the left gate to reach another part of the desert known as the Resort Desert.
There is an entrance to a place with five statues outside. That is the Ancient Castle, and at the bottom of it is where you need to go.

After that, head to Shippou City gym.
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ninja1357 answered:

Go to the resort area tomb place (where you can catch desumasu)
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Biaz answered:

To pass the sandpits in there just walk over them, don't run or use your bike.
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