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Free Roam?

This will probably be the Most stupid question of all, I have seen the images and Shows no such thing as Roaming, Does this game still has it?

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I meant, if YOU, the player, Could Roam around, Not the Legendary Pokemon, YOU

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Once again, I saw the Images, AND NONE OF THEM have anything to do with "Free roam"

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Bloody Hell, THIS is the BEST answer Of all

Accepted Answer

gamingmaster12 answered:

You, the player, can always and ALWAYS roam around freely in Pokemon.
It's not like some of those other games where you are forced to continue the story whenever you roam around.
Specially after you beat the Elite Four, the game is pretty much on free roam...
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Biaz answered:

Yes, there are still roaming legendarys.
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Iwanaknow answered:

Pokemon has always had free roam, why are you asking?
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