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Asked: 4 years ago

Trading between Black/White and Heart-Gold?

Is it possible to trade pokemon between Black/White and Heart Gold? If so what are the restrictions on trading between versions?

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From: AzureLivesOn 4 years ago

Because this is a new generation (Gen V), you can only transfer via a system similar to Pal Park from Gen IV- renamed Pokeshifter. The restrictions are:

-You cannot access the ability to transfer until you beat the Elite 4, N, and obtain the National Pokedex. Due to Isshu's isolation from the other regions, no one is aware of the other 493 Pokemon until much later.
-You can only transfer six at a time. From what I've read, there is no limit on how often per day you can do this (as opposed to Pal Park, which was 6 a day).
-Transferred Pokemon cannot hold items. Primary reason this is locked is to prevent bringing a held TM. The TM/HM list is different and some older TMs are remapped to new numbers or have new names, making old ones incompatible (unless already learned).
-Transferred Pokemon cannot know HM moves. Pal Park had the same rule. HMs change per generation, even if some stay the same (HM01 in Isshu is Cut). HM moves have to be removed via Move Deleter first.
-Note: The only Pokemon of the original 493 that changes when transferred to B&W is Rotom. In Gen IV, Rotom is a Ghost/Electric and maintains these types regardless of form. If transferred to Isshu, Rotom's Ghost type changes depending on his form (ex: Mowtom becomes Grass/Electric, Fantom becomes Flying/Electric, etc). So far, this is the only confirmed change to a prior Pokemon.

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No you can't trade but you can transfer pokemon from your gen4 games to black/white

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