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How do i transfer Soul Silver to Black Version?

How do i transfer my Pokemon from Soul Silver to Black Version ?

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My Soul Silver are original,is not copy. .what do u mean by region lock ?

U mean i have to wait the English Version release then only can transfer ? ?

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ellis123 answered:

First talk to the Scientist in Castelia City and enter the password "EVERYONE HAPPY" and "SIMPLE CONNECTION" to unlock the transfer machine. Next take two DS' with the Pokemon games inside (one with B/W, the other with the Gen 4 game). Turn on the game and choose to use the Transfer Machine/Relocator. Follow all the instructions it gives.

You need to have two games from the same region. So if your Soul Silver is an English copy, and your Black is an English copy, you're good. If your SS is an English copy, but your Black is a Japanese copy, you won't be able to do it.
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Cloud557 answered:

If you're trying to transfer them from any copy of Soul Silver other than Japanese, then you're SOL. The games are region locked when it comes to transfers.
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