Question from SuperSiegfried

Entering random wifi battle?

Im trying to make legit pokemon with pokesav to join random wifi battle.
First i catch a kibago then enter pokesav and upgrade him to lvl 98 , then i put 252 ev atk and speed and 4 to hp select max stats and without changing attacks i leave then i try to enter random wifi battle end they expell me.
Kibago has original japanese name normal attks why it happens?
i have a pokesaved bafuron and it can join without problem
some idea?

SuperSiegfried provided additional details:

I tried with a pokesaved wargle and im not having problems with him its the third kibago i edit inside legit limits cant understand the reason.

SuperSiegfried provided additional details:

I'm using a level up moveset , without TM , tutor moves, egg moves etc and the last time i tried with kibago's only moveset i think its impossible to be the moveset.

Paladintrump asked for clarification:

Have you encountered the same problem with Axews you've trained legitimately?


RagingTyranitar answered:

Maybe the movesets is causing the problem?
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GekkoDefender answered:

Did you actually put where he is from? i mean the Place where you got him?
Cuz if a Kibago is from Hoenn or Johto or Sinnoh or Kanto that's the problem.
I actually have the same problem but my problem is the Leveled Found but hatched i placed that i hatched it..
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sonicGO2HELL answered:

The problem is the program itself, pokesav saves in 356k and 256k file format, the new pokemon games read 175k format as "legit" format. When they made this game they wanted to fool cheaters and hackers like you and me into thinking that cheating would get us free online pwnage, but untill there is a pokesav that saves in 175k format, it will be a while till we can .sav pokemon for random battles.
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LdPORKY answered:

and do you know where or when we can get this Pokesav with 175 save format?? Thanks .
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SkullBasherX answered:

It needs to be from Unova
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awb99 answered:

That has been happening to me too. I think it thinks your pokemon is legendary
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Lunarace answered:

252 Evasion is considered a cheat to wifi the legit number is 170
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