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The best pokemon team?

I'm about to challenge the pokemon league for the second time(the first time is for beating the game), is my team good enough for the pokemon league?

-Jalorda Lvl 75 moves :

leaf blade
leaf storm
aerial ace

-Hihidaruma Lvl 75 moves:

fire punch
fire blitz

-Aerodactyl Lvl 73 moves :

stone edge
dragon claw(since i don't have any dragon type pokemon)

-abagoura Lvl 72 moves :

hydro pump
stone edge

-Armaldo Lvl 72 moves :

stone edge
metal claw

also please recommend the last pokemon that shoul be on my team =).

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chaoslord3 answered:

I really think you should be fine, but a strong dark type will do you well against Shikimi.

Also, you might want to replace the double STAB moves with another type coverage move (e.g. the leaf blade and leaf storm on Jalorda together, you could replace one with a rock / ice / electric move) and I would highly suggest changing Hydro Pump on Abagoura for something physical. Abagoura is double weak to grass, so you might want to cover that...
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Asynch_ answered:

Any team works ingame.

But I suppose you could use an electric type.
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eriolpo123 answered:

Guess you need atleast a ghost or psychic type against Shikimi.. xD
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supervladutz answered:

I think that a slave pokemon will be useful too.
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rpj123 answered:

Knowing the e4 has a ghost fighting dark and psychic teams i suggest having a dark type psychic type and fighting type and the rest will be your choosing as for the champion i dont know i have not been there yet.
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