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What is the God stone is for?

What is the god stone used for?

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But kyurem is grey.

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And where can you find God stone in pokemon black?

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darkster8 answered:

Well,Since the Light and Dark stone are the destroyed form of Zekrom and Reshiram,the God Stone must be related to Kyurem somehow,and since they're all key items,maybe they have a use for Pokemon Gray(Just a guess about the game name)like,Zekrom and Reshiram are in a deep sleep,and you use the light and dark stone to awaken them.God Stone,must be for awakening Kyurem maybe?
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OmegamegaX answered:

Well i guess it will be for awakening kyurem in the pokemon black/white remake
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OmegamegaX answered:

Sorry, i forgot to say this but the pokemon black/white remake name is grey (i'm almost totally sure of it)
it is still unknown how to get the god orb
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EMOpikachU answered:

It'll probably unlock the main l. pokemon in the next game which i agree will probably be grey
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EMOpikachU answered: This is how to get kyurem
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