Question from Neliel20

Asked: 4 years ago

Pokemon black freezing?!?!

When i load my pokemon black its good until i save the game, or try to withdraw pokemon, i just get a black screen and it never goes away. Is there any way to fix this?!!?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Well, when i play with an emulator it works, and i think its my SuperCard that keeps freezing. I dun wanna play on emulator because none of that data saves and i want to have wifi battles so i play on my Supercard

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From: MikanPachi 4 years ago

How about you buy the game and not use a ROM?

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Its probably becuase your playing with an emulator or rom. I tried playing with a rom but it used to crash every time I reached the first gym battle.

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Depending on what version super card you have you may need to use super card update from the web also look inot the codes for game fix

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