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Can you get previous gen Pokemon before National Dex?

I've seen a couple of videos where there are people who have Pokemon like Zangoose, Latios, Latias and Vibrava which you can't get in the Dream World before they obtained the National Dex. I've read that you can't get previous gen Pokemon that are not in the Dream World until you beat the game the first time. I'm confused here.


naz_bee answered:

No, you have to finish the game story and also have to have the national dex. Only then can you get previous gen games, you have to go into a builiding called pokeshifter.
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supervladutz answered:

I think they use action replay cheats
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destroy_ad_12 answered:

You need to beat ghetsis and get the national dex before any pokemon can from other generations can be encountered. After the national dex, pokemon from other regions can be captured using the poke transfer, and some are rare in the wild.
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Hira_Kyris answered:

It's not possible on your own, but if you have previous gen Pokemon on another already finished Black/White game, it is possible to trade these over to the game without the National dex. (Friend abused my game to trade a ludicrously breeded Cubone and Taillow to his game after the 2nd gym)
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xxrockman13xx answered:

If you use negotiations and get lucky you can.
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djosepher answered:

I just used dream world for the first time, and i know have a lvl. 10 mareep, and i am still in striation city for the first time, so yes it is possible, i suppose
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SirEevee answered:

Actually, you can get previous generation Pokemon from the DW. I got a Misdreavus and a Skorupi there.
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Derkpharocy answered:

Hira is right. I got bored of the gen 5 pokemon in game so I trade other pokemon like swablu, lucario, starmie, etc.. Frommy brothers completed game file. so yes its possible if you trade.
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InkSpell432 answered:

If you don't have a National Dex, you can only get last Gen Pokemon via Trade, or in the Dream World. It's impossible, otherwise. However, if you get the National Dex after having last Gen Pokemon, the Pokemon's data will be pre-recorded for you.
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riekotz answered:

Yes using the dreamworld ^_^
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bandit_wolf answered:

Yes by trading other users or from the Dream World. In BW1 you only find previous pokemon after you beat the Elite 4.
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MangoDolphin answered:

Actually, yes! You can.

You can search up the GTS Negotiations. I got a Shiny Mewtwo through the GTC, and I didn't have a National Pokedex yet. Now I do, but it's possible!
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