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Two Pokemon At Daycare???

I Have Five Pokemon In My Party (Snivy, Panpour, Lillipup, Patrat and Blitzle.) I Am Trying To Level Up My Pokemon. By Sending Them To Daycare At Route 3. I Remember In Daimond, Pearl, Platnum, Soul Silver And Heart Gold, You Could Raise Two Pokemon At A Time. Can You Do That In This Game? If You Can, How???

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Oh Yeah, And If Its Not Too Much To Ask, Can You Please Tell Me How To Catch Munna???

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EliteError answered:

You can have two pokemon in the daycare at once, to leave two pokemon at the daycare you must have got a bike, after that you can keep two pokemon there, to catch munna look in this area, Dreamyard. Hope that helps.
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Skellington87 answered:

Yes you can you need to wait till you hit Nimbasa City.
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