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Asked: 4 years ago

Shaking Grass?

I haven't played SoulSilver or Diamond (unfortunately!) but I have played all the others but have yet to experience the shaking grass thing when trying to find pokemon. Is there a method or do I just stand and wait for the grass to shake? I've gotten a few pokemon this way but it seems so slow!

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From: SmokeRulz 4 years ago

It's pretty much random. I've heard that running back and forth next to grass will cause it to appear, but I can't confirm that. I do it anyway. Also, it's possible that the shaking grass can affect any tile on the route, even one out of your view. If I run back and forth for a minute or two and don't see anything, I tend to run in the grass really quick and get into a battle then run away to reset the randomness. I've actually managed to get a pretty good streak of Audinos for EXP training while doing this. Repels are also very handy if you're farming for shaking grass patches, or any of the other equivilents, like dust clouds inside caves.

And for the record, shaking grass & its equivilents do not appear in any game other than Black or White. They're a new thing.

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You don't have to wait for the grass to shake, just walk through it for a little while and you'll encounter plenty of pokemon.

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