Question from Lightblade3268

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get past Giant Chasm?

When I go through the cave and get to the forest on the other side, I see a staircase on the top left and a path that is blocked off by trees and a ledge. How do I get to the staircase and what's up there?

Accepted Answer

From: Cheshcrew 4 years ago

there is a small drained pound in the forest, then the entire area frezzes and then the stairs are no longer blocked, then there is a cave enter it then you battle the legendary pokemon kyurem level 75, good luck, hope I helped

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For catching Kyurem, I suggest bringing LOTS of Pokeballs. He's a bit of a pain. Like, I got him down to like 10 HP and couldn't get a single shake out of a dusk ball...

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Wheres the pond?

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