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How do i clone pokemon and items in pokemon black?

I need more master balls.

Xx_Rahv_xX asked for clarification:

Did you get both masterballs in the game?

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fntsyftbll answered:

you need 2 games and 2 ds's(or a nice friend) go into trade, trade the pokemon( or pokemon with item) to the game you want to clone it to. for the game you traded away the thing you wanted get out of trade and now DON'T SAVE!!!!!!!!! (if you save the pokemon or item will not be cloned) and turn off
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rpj123 answered:

The only way you could clone pokemon or items is with an action replay if you dont have one but want master balls try asking for some in the trade board someone might be generous enough to give you some.
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fletch219 answered:

To fntsyftbll
So if I wanted to clone my samurott. I would have to trade it to a friend. And then do I turn off or do they. And at which point as well
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Skellington87 answered:

When you are still in trade stick a poopy egg or so then turn off.
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mariomaster16 answered:

You can get get up to two masterballs on your own. One is given through the main story, the other is given to you as a prize. There's a dude in black in one of the pokecenters, the one in the first big city. He gives you stuff based on how many pokemon you've traded. Trade 50 pokemon, and he'll give you an extra masterball.
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