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Can you still get the plant if its hacked or could you use it
ps i didnt hack it it was a traded one.

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Shaymin hacked not the plant.

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Ellis123 ive heard you could from ive havent tried it because i dont have a 2nd ds.

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Gameflamemaster im asking for black and white not heartgold or soulsilver i want to know because the relocator wont work for shaymin only the 3 beasts celibii and lock capsule and the pokeshifter will say that it came from johto.

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Jandeku thanks for the info i would try to find someone to let me borrow it in the trade board

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Jandeku answered:

Well, the Relocator was designed to work ONLY for the event Celebi and the shiny beast trio, so it's no wonder you can't transfer your Shaymin with it, hacked or not. You have to transfer the Shaymin like you would any other pokemon from the previous generation, after you beat the elite four.

As for getting the Gracidea on White/Black, it's possible, by talking to a woman in Lacunosa Town's pokemon center with Shaymin in your party, but I believe it only works with a distribution event Shaymin. You can still try it with a hacked Shaymin, but I won't guarantee results.
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ellis123 answered:

You cannot get the Gracidea flower in Black/White.
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ellis123 answered:

You can get the Black/White alternative to the Gracidea Flower (just called Gracidea I believe) using any Shaymin. Meaning that you could hack one and get the flower.

Talk to the woman in Lacunosa Town's Pokemon Center with Shaymin in your party.
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Gameflamemaster answered:

Hacked Shaymin DO NOT unlock Gracedia. I've tried it on my HeartGold game before it got deleted. It requires a script that only legit Shaymin have. There's a video that explains the Tweaking Glitch for D/P, and it says that the flower is not unlocked, which means you can't get the gracedia.
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