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Can you help me make a good team?

I'm going to start with a Tepig and need help making a good team around it.

PokemonB12 provided additional details:

Just so you know i have a pokemon white that i beat so i can trade pokemon over.

PokemonB12 provided additional details:

Thanks I like the ideas and they will help a lot but if any one else has any ideas I would like that. I will use either haxorus or hydreigon.

BerryBob asked for clarification:

Hey, this team is to compete with others, complete the game or something that isn't here?

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MetaDeDeDe answered:

Here is a good shot at what your team could look like.
Emboar/ Muscle Band, 252 EP Attack and HP, 6 EP Speed, Nature: Depends on your Tepig. Moves: Flare Blitz, Wild Bolt, Head Smash, Earthquake or Bulldoze.
Mioltic/ Flame Orb, 252 EP Defense and Special Defense 6 EP Special Attack, Nature-Calm: With Marvel Scale It become the ultimate Water Type Wall. Fish in the ripple in Route 1 and ignore it basic form Feebas. Teach it Recover to help it stay alive.
Moves: Recover, Ice Beam, Scald, Clam Mind
Ferrothorn/ Rocky Helmet. 252 EP Defense and Special Defense 6 EP Attack, Nature-Calm: Physcial Sweepers will be sorry to mess around with this guy/girl/pokemon. In Chargestone Cave you find Ferroseed.
Moves: Gyro Ball,Toxic or Thunder Wave, Curse, Protect (For Hi jump kickers)
Archeops/ Flying Gem, 252 EP Attack and Speed, 6 EP HP, Nature: Adamant or Jolly: You are going to hear about this awesome Pokemon time and time again. The Flying Gem will boost Acrobatics and disappear to make it stronger. In Relic Castle, pick Plume Fossil. Save before awakening Archen and reset if it's nature is bad.
Moves: Arcobatics, Rock Slide, Earthquake or Bulldoze, Dragon Claw
Haxorus/ Choice Band or Dragon Gem, 252 EP Attack and Speed, 6 EP Defense, Nature: Adamant or Jolly, This pokemon is perfect for ruining Sturdy Teams and Shedinjas. In Victory Road you can get Fraxure.
Dragon Claw or Outrage, Swords Dance or Dragon Dance, Earthquake or Dig, Aerial Ace
Moves:Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Brick Break, Earthquake or Flare Blitz, Stealth Rock, Close Combat, Earthquake
Durant/ Wide Lens, 252 EP Attack and Speed, 6 EP HP, Nature: Jolly, Durant may be small but it is a powerful sweeper.
Moves: Shadow Claw, X Scissor, Iron Head, Rock Slide
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Gameflamemaster answered:

I say that a good team has a variety. Say, have a Sandile that your Tepig can protect against Ice type moves. Then, you make a chain of your members protecting other members from different opponents. I can honestly say that I can't make a team like that without some help. I'll see what I can do, but from the example, get a flying type to have Sandile protect, then get a fighting type to protect against rock, so that you can be open to a variety, which is my point, just keep protecting with supereffective move types.
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I simply picked the best powerhouse types of Pokemon that they offer in the Unova Region.
Like you, I also started out with Tepig, and ended up with this team:

Emboar - High HP/Attack, Fire/Fighting
Eelektross- High Attack and Special Attack, Electric, No Weakness with Levitate Ability
Archeops- Very High Attack, High Special Attack and Speed, Flying/Rock
Haxorus- Very High Attack, Decent Defense and Speed, Dragon
Bisharp- High Attack and Decent Defense, Dark/Steel
Hydreigon- High Special Attack and Decent Everything else
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kyogre8877 answered:

For in game use, just pick 4 pokemon, the other 2 are HM SLAVE (frilish and ruflet recommended)

frilish can learn : Flash, Wtrfl, Surf, Dive
Ruflet can learn : Fly, Cut, Strength

and the other three, I recommend:
-Tirtouga (the best water pokemon other than Samurrot)
-Sawsbuck/Eelektros (you need grass/elec, because there are so many Water pokemon you will meet)
-any Psychic/Ghost/Dark type (you will need this for Elite 4)
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rallen_rocks answered:

well i love Tepig there good as for sandile nah i say add a Zoarok with focus blast then add a pokemon like a solosion to help out zoarok and a a grass type like a swassbuck to protect your emboar and add your legendary then add a good sweeper..... then add your haxorus or the other dragon type
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zorkon95 answered:

i don't know, can I help your team?
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zoroark21 answered:

I would suggest
Oshawott(breed your Samurott on pokemon white and trade it to black)
If you chose Snivy then your water type should be Tirtouga(revive cover fossil received in relic castle)
Sandile(route 4/desert resort)
Petelil(trade cottonee in a building in nacrene city,evolve with either a leaf stone,sun stone,or a dawn stone)
Like kyogre8877 said,use the other ones for hm slaves
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zoroark21 answered:

use hydreigon
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max1449 answered:

Have a really strong dragonite.
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nellan1223 answered:

You'll want to get an Axew or Deino because they can learn pretty good moves,
If you want an electric type, either go with Tynamo or Stunfisk, both can learn good moves and have good stats,
Though he looks stupid, patrat can be either a slave or an actual team member,
I recommend a sawk because he is strong and learns good moves,
If you want a fire type, go with Litwick,
Psychic Type? Gothita, (dont let it make final evolution right away, so it learns good moves)
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sam23572 answered:

My team by which defeated Cynthia............
..............What I want to mean by this is that choose the pokemon u love the most,the choice is only your's............Emolga is a very weak pokemon but I used it as wanted to fight with it...................(Though u surely need to cover these types fire,water,ice,electric,grass,psychic/ghost,dragon/steel)
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BlitzFeuer answered:

my advice would be make a balanced team. I'll list a decent team if not ev'd but when ev'd they're better than legendarys.

physical attack/speed power house
adamant haxorus with ability rivalry , 252 EV's attack, 252 EV's speed, 4 EV's hp. best move set, outrage, x-scissor, earthquake, aerial ace/poison jab. item choice band/muscle band.

defensive/special defensive wall
relaxed krookodile. ability intimidate. 252 Ev's in Def. 252 EV's Sp. Def. 4 Hp. moveset stone edge, earthquake, outrage, foul play. items. life orb/leftovers.

special attack/Hp. special attack tank
modest chandelure 252 EV's in Sp. Atk. 252 EV's in Hp. 4 EV's in Sp. Def. moveset, flamethrower, psychic, night shade, energy ball item choice specs.

defensive set up.
careful ferrothorn 252 EV's in Def. 252 EV's in Sp. Def. 4 in Sp. Atk. moveset spikes, stealth rock, power whip, thunder wave. item rocky helmet.

quick striking power house.
hasty archeops. 252 EV's Atk, 252 EV's Speed, 4 EV's Hp. moveset. acrobatics, rock slide, earthquake, u-turn. item Flying gem. strategy behind item when acrobatics is used it triggers the gems effect but as soon as the effect is activated the gem disappears doubling its attack , plus the effect of the gem, plus the S.T.A.B bonus aka. Same. Type. Attack. Bonus.

and last slot is open for tepig / emboar

:D these are for online use mostly and are perfect for tournaments. but work perfectly for game use just subsitute one for a hm slave for fly/ surf.
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Bartr1 answered:

The teams I use after beating the game are my old favourites from heart gold/soul silver.
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LilMike95 answered:

If you want a good team you have to make a good team,dont ask anyone, not trying to be rude. If you use other peoples techniques and pokemon your bound to lose.
id say you should pick your favorite pokemon and go from there
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thothgamer answered:

Froslass is a great lead, especially if you can get it to lean spikes and max out it's speed.
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MoogleWarrior94 answered:

This was my Tepig team for the Elite Four on Black version.

Poison Jab
Fire Pledge
Sunny Day

Reuniclus(traded from white)
Focus Blast
Shadow Ball
Dizzy Punch

Brick Break
Thunder Wave
Dragon Claw

Brick Break
Seed Bomb

Aqua Jet
Swords Dance

Dark Pulse
Dragon Pulse

This team seemed to be a pretty good combo against the elite four and N and Ghetsis fell to them quickly.Hope it helps
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naz_bee answered:

You should have kyurem in your team.
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unovarocks answered:

I chose tepig and the got pansage then I got venipede and then a yamask plus a archen I left a space in my team for a extra like haxorus or heidregon or reshiram. Skyla is a hastle but archen and pignite learn rollout so she was not a big problem.
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simiarchen answered:

I say go with wat every you want but make them different types my team was tepig dieno pansage axew turtorga or somthin and mandibuzz i caught them along the way i thought about the pokemon league mandibuzz can beat marshall the fight type and he can beat the ghost type and he can beat the phycik type aswell and use a pansage in its evolved form to learn brick brake so it can beat the dark so two pokemon can beat thea elite four and ive got 4 more to back them up
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simiarchen answered:

U can catch mandibuzz lvl 60 under the village bridge
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simiarchen answered:

Use both haxorus and hydriegon they are super strong and can be tought good moves that can beat most of the gym leaders and the elite four and i beat cynthia with my haxorus alown and then i came back a year later { i fast forward time on my ds } :) and then i beat her with my hydriegon alown and they where both lvl 75 at the time and hers are lvl 78
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watertype_lover answered:

you need a pokemon to protect tepid from his weaknesses, mainly water types since there are so many. So i suggest either an electric type ore grass type. if you choose electric, you should probably get a grass type to cover it. Then, you should probably get a dark, ghost, or psychic pokemon for the elite four. even though most people say that you need HM slaves, i think that you can just spread the his out through our team. if you follow this your team should be:

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simiarchen answered:

No way wen i first started the game i tried that team cus it was recomended and it got owned by lvl 34s and the where in there 40s so not a good team
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