Question from Threebdog

Friend codes please?

Hello i would like to give each other friend codes here is my info
my friend code is 2708 6224 1357
my name is Hunter
ok i have a bunch of old pokemon from diamond and soulsilver i have many rare pokemon such as dialga,heatran,snorlax,latios and many more come battle me and tell me your friend code and name i will add you and u will add me thanks i am very skilled so battle me if you dare?

Threebdog provided additional details:

@Jboogz hey did u type it right try it again and type my name like it says exactly if it doesnt work i dont no why i have pokemon soulsilver.

Threebdog provided additional details:

It says yours is wrong too is it because you have a different game.

Threebdog provided additional details:

Guys only post on here if you have a soulsilver game i have evry pokemon there is to get but only put info on here if you have a soulsilver game.

Accepted Answer

WolfPulse answered:

This is something you should put in your signature, because this section is aimed toward asking legitimate questions about the game, such as where to discover a particular pokemon or how to beat a tough boss like N. Just put your friend code in your signature like I have, and note which game your friend code(s) belong to, it will be noticeable anywhere you post, yet it won't be distracting.

Believe me though, I'm not scolding you. I've made a similar mistake myself today. It happens to all of us.
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Jboogz1990 answered:

Friend code:2021.8994.3403
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Jboogz1990 answered:

@threebdog when I try to add u it said ur friend code is wrong
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gunitdice answered:

my name is TONE n my fc is 1936 0025 5165. add me n we can trade battle or whatever
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ReaperJS17 answered:

hey guys. my names Josh!
FC is 1678 3435 4264
add me. need some friends to trade items and pokemon with. especially to evolve a few of them. xD
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SAIYAN48 answered:

Name: NN
FC: 0132-1666-3729
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