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How do I get to end of the Abyssal Ruins?

When I go to the Abyssal Ruins, I go to the stair thing, but it won't let me pass. Any ideas?

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SkyIsland21 answered:
It's very strange. Like the above answers you have a set number of steps you can take, you also need a pokemon with flash and strength. it's all in this link
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EliteError answered:

Well when you go to the Abyssal Ruins there is a timer for how long you can stay, but there is no actual way out, the only way is to get flushed out. (There is no exit) For more info look here (
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Crystal_Rose99 answered:

Ok, so there's four total entrances with a specific path to the door. You MUST follow that exact path depending on which entrance you came from, or else it won't open. For the map of the ruins, see FAQs.
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chlorophyllX answered:

There is a maximum of 500 steps until a water torrent pushes you outwards. As for getting to the other floors, you have to use Flash on specific pillars. Try looking up a map of it.
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