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Best Nature for Kyurem (just for in-game)?

So yeah, I'll probably do any competitive stuff on Pokemon Online or shoddy's successor (Unless that IS Pokemon Online), so I wanted to know what the best nature for Kyurem would be in-game. Looking at his move pool, I would think he's be a special attacker, but I tend to overlook things so I figured I'd ask on here.

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Kyurem has a attack and Special Attack Bate stat of 130 (Max is 394.) If you want Physcial moves only, go with adament. If you want Special Attack pick Modest.

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I know what it's stats are, but I was wondering what it would be best to actually use it for.

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It would actually depend on what your team needs.
However It's EASIER if you made Kyurem a Special Attacker. Ice Beam and Dragon Pulse are two powerful and reliable moves. He can also learn Psychic, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast and Flash Cannon.
In this case, get a MODEST (+Sp.Atk, -Atk) or TIMID (+Spd, -Atk)

An alternative is that if your team needs more Physical Attackers, then do that for Kyurem, albeit a bit weaker and trickier. Outrage is his strongest move, and you can also give him Return, Stone Edge, Shadow Claw and Fly.
ADAMANT (+Atk, -Sp.Atk) will do best here, though JOLLY (+Spd, -Atk) helps.

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I suggest modest

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Well... since he has both attack and special attack equally matched you could catch him with a neutral nature... or modest nature... never adamant trust me...

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In-game, natures don't really matter.

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Timid will be best. It is better with special attack. Its more open to attacks like that.

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Modest. It capitalizes on Kyurem's massive SAtk. Use a set with Substitute and pretty much OHKO stuff not named Jirachi or a pink blob.

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Ok if u make kyurem a special attacker then that's a good choice but maybe one day ur going to need an attacker and the only one left is kyurem so get him in modest and get some protiens or something to increase his attack and special defense

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To add on, any neutral nature would be ideal.

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If you want high attack stats go for brave or hardy thats what mine has and its got stats of Att.=279 Def.=268 SpAtt.=257 SpDef.=249 Sp=290 at lvl 70 but i did use 10 carbos on it but it only raised the speed about 2 points

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Get different games and catch many Kyurems and try different natures and movepools to match, to find out which one works the best!

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Modest, it works better on the special side and thus why you would place Draco meteor/Dragon Pulse, Ice beam, Earth Power and Flash Cannon/Focus Blast.
Kyurem's Base stats

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