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Where is Earthquake?!

I know it's in the Relic castle somewhere but I scaled the entire place and it's nowhere to be found. Help!

icebird5000 provided additional details:

Then how do you face volcarona? (to get earthquake).

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Cozmicz answered:

U can get it after u beat N after the Elite 4
U don't need to beat Volcarona in order to get Earthquake. If u had beaten the Elite Four, at the lowest level in Relic Castle at the left will be stairs, at the right will be a door. Go in, beat a "piece" of Team Plasma Grunt, go into the next area and u'll arrive at a maze room. In order to obtain Earthquake, keep going left down left until u find a stair, go up and when you reach the top, u'll find the TM Earthquake

Hope this helps
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DakotaThrice answered:

Its in the secondary tower, the one you exit out of after facing the stationary Volcarona. You can't get to it by entering the tower as its on the wrong side of a one way ledge.
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Lunarace answered:

When you get to the passage for volcarona go down 1 go left 3 go down 1 go right 2 and their is volcarona tip dusk and timer balls. For earthquake go left 4
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