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Can any1 please help make a good team?

Well basically i want your true suggestions on what might be a good team for me!! I DON"T want an uber team or a totally awesome team...i JUST WANT a good and balanced team,who can kick a little bit of pokemon butt. Well i hav 4 pokemon who i have decided will be in my team:
and i need help in selecting the remaining two. I Was thinking Leavanny,Cryogonal,Gothitelle,Chandelure or Scrafty!!!Scolipede
ALso any suggestions are welcome...along with a suitable moveset for each [if u don't mind i.e!!]

ZanielZede77 asked for clarification:

Is this for the Elites?


KFrosty3 answered:

well team formation is totally up to you in the end, so I say do research on your members.

Both Serebii and Bulbapedia tell you their weaknesses, base stats and move sets, which I myself have used to see which pokemon I use.

if you've never heard of either of these websites, google them. they should be the first available.
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Lunarace answered:

For Samurott a fire a grass a dragon a flying a psychic
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SuperNinjaD answered:

I had that exact team and it worked out great for me. Here is the team that i used to beat the elite four.
This team got me all the way through with little trouble so i think its a good team.
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Pato444 answered:

Get a Litwick in the Clestial Tower and evolve it into a Lampet then get a Dusk stone and use it on Lampent then it will evolve in to a Chandelure.Tthen go to route 4 and catch a Sandile and train it untill its a Krookodile.

I hope this helped! :)
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Pato444 answered:

Oh Yeah! Teach Krookodile Earthquake, Bulldoze, Crunch and Foul Play and for Chandelure teach it Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball and Curse.

I hope this helped :)
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videomaster721 answered:

I would add in a krookodile. Ground is a useful type to have and dark will be helpful against the elite 4

Also virizion is pretty good. I feel grass is a necessary type for any balanced lineup, and having fighting makes him very useful against one of the elite 4 trainers as well. Plus since he is caught at level 42, he will not need as much training as most other grass types.
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mariomaster16 answered:

I'm working on a pretty unique team right now. I'm using rock/ground/steel type plus my starter, Snivy. I have three pokemon with Sandstorm, which is useful pretty much the entire game, not even dragons can resist it. I have enough variety that I don't have any weaknesses except fighting. Right now I have:
It's not really a balanced team, but it's fun to try using all of one type. I think it adds to the challenge. Any pokemon can be good, it's just a matter of training it and using it properly.
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Desperado37 answered:

I would take Chandelure over Simisear.
For the other two spots, I would suggest Cryogonal and perhaps a dragon type (Axew)
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Rhyperior_07 answered:

Replace Zebstrika and Simisear with Galvantula and Chandelure. For the other slots, I suggest you take Vanniluxe and Bisharp.

Galvantula (Compundeyes)
Bug Buzz
Discharge/Signal Beam

Shadow Ball

Ice Beam
Frost Breath
Flash Cannon
Mirror Shot

Night Slash
X-Scissor/Poison Jab
Brick Break
(Any Physical Steel Moves)
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mariotoad7 answered:

Teach them some good moves. Teach them some TM's or level them up and learn moves. I think it would be helpful if you have all your Pokemon at the same level.
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mariotoad7 answered:

If your lead pokemon is Samurott, the next pokemon should be someone that can overpower Samurott's weakness, such as grass type or electric type, so the second pokemon should be someone that is super effective against grass or electric, and the third pokemon should overpower the second pokemon's weakness, and so on.

If you can't do that, then teach them strong moves and have them balanced; dont teach them too much physical moves or else Pokemon with abilities like Static and Flame Body and hurt you, but make the move types balanced.

Train your lead Pokemon to be Level 100 (my Samurott finally reached that level) and the other pokemon can be above level 70, have the stronger pokemon in front.

That's just my suggestion, it doesn't work for everyone.
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hawke12345 answered:

I beat the pokemon league really easy i had 2 games and ds's so i traded between them to get my team right at the beginning(breed all the guys then trade them to a new file) but my team was samurott lev 52 serperior lev 55 emboar lev 51 braviary lev 55 haxorus lev 54 and zoroark lev 47 (though zoroark wasent very helpful) haxorus is really helpful throughout the whole game the only thing he couldnt beat pretty much by himself was the ice gym
i recommend having a haxorus or other dragon type for the elite four and final battle
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Garioshi answered:

Here is the team I used for the Elite 4:
Lv. 69 Serperior
Lv. 74 Stoutland (Giga Impact, Reversal, Bite, and something I forgot.

That's all.
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regular408 answered:

FIrst time playing through Pokemon White, but im very familiar with the series.
This is my current team, about to take on the Elite 4. It was a breeze through the first 8 gyms, some input on my team would be appreciated though.

Krookodile(Ground, Dark) Lvl 60 Earthquake, Nasty Plot, Return, Outrage
Chandelure(Ghost, Fire) Lvl 60 Shadow Ball, Fire Blast, Psychic, Energy Ball
Eelektross(Electric) Lvl 61 Thunder, Wild Charge, Brick Break, Flamethrower
Archeops(Rock, Flying) Lvl 61 Fly, Dragon Claw, Rockslide, Crunch
Haxorus(Dragon) Lvl 62 Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Draco Metor(Until he learns Outrage), X-Scissor
Samurott(Water) Lvl 64 Revenge, Surf, Ice Beam, Megahorn
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NepTune3938 answered:


It matters if it's black or white or black or white 2... Just in case I'll give you my opinion on black and white 2 team...



LucarioJackalSteadfastFloccessy Ranch

KrookodileTerranovaMoxieDesert Resort

ZoroarkShadowIllusionDriftveil City

AzumarillTsunamiThick FatFloccessy Ranch

FlygonDragonflyArena TrapDesert Resort Back
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