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How do I beat (Dragons)?

Help, i need dragon killers. Who are the best to defeat all dragon types? But i dont want dragon killers to be other dragons. Please help!

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Dont forget that the legendary in black is a fire dragon. That is a one hit K.O.

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From: MetalKingBoo 3 years ago

With no access to TM Ice Beam till after the main game, beating Dragons is tough. There is no Pokemon other than Dragon and Ice that can learn that move, and other Ice / Dragon moves.

A few non-Dragon Pokemon however, can learn TM Dragon Claw: Krookodile, Scrafty, Archeops and Eelektross. Krookodile can learn Outrage after reaching Level 60.
Same goes for TM Blizzard. Most Water-types can learn it.

Remember, you can take advantage of most Dragon's secondary type, which can still have a few weaknesses. Reshiram has a Rock and Ground-type weakness thanks to it's Fire typing, so Pokemon that have access to Earthquake or Stone Edge will help.

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Catch a ice type pokemon the one that is at the Cold Storage

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I used druddigon caught right outside the gym and he levelled up like crazy. Dragon moves are super against dragons :) aswell as ice moves.

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Ahhh you dont want dragons i take it back...

man i love dragons....

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Hidden power ice or dragon can take out dragons easy to find out what type of hidden power the pokemon uses go to the pokemon center in Mistralton city

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Whatever you do, don't catch a Vanillite and train it, they suck in the long run. If you want something good, got to twist mountain and I think the room with the Ice Rock, you can find a Cubchoo (rare outside of winter) or a Cryogonal (good, but extremely rare outside of winter and rare in winter). If you train those two, all dragons will bow down at your feet.

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