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Moves on Bisharp?

Does anyone know good moves for Bisharp?


ellis123 answered:

Swords Dance, Night Slash, Brick Break, and Stone Edge. You can also run Rock Polish over Swords Dance to try and outspeed opponents, but it doesn't work out too well due Bisharp's naturally slow speed.
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Frost1076 answered:

My Bisharb knows Nightslash, Faint attack, iron head, and xsiscor. I am looking for a move to replace faint attack, But I would deffinently teach iron head and night slash.
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Shao_Da_Spycrab answered:

This is my favorite moveset:

Sucker Punch
Arial Ace

Sucker punch your opponent, and sucker punch him again. The opponent, trying to avoid your suckers, will do a stat boosting move. If he boosts his own stats, that's bad. If he lowers yours, that's good. His ability, Defiant, gives you a power boost, which is an enemy-gifted swords dance. Also use swords dance that same turn; now you stuffed in two sword dances in one turn! That's ought to scare your opponents.
I use Swagger for a different reason. Swaggering will force a switch, which will give you a free swords dance. After a swagger, most opponents will be annoyed and eager to attack you. What shall you do? Sucker punch their face in.
Arial ace covers the fighting weakness. It is kind of a back-up.
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Shao_Da_Spycrab answered:

Oh yeah i forgot to add in swords dance and Defiant ability lol. You can also switch in Arial ace for iron head.
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ShadowRaquaza39 answered:

Swords Dance, Subsitute, Sucker Punch, and Brick Break is a great moveset (especially for competitive battles). Use a Swords Dance, then follow up with Subsitute. Since opponents are forced to attack you, Sucker Punch will deal huge damage following a few uses of Swords Dance and STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus i.e. Fire type using Fire move makes damage 1.5x greater) and can often knock out anything not resistant to Dark. Brick Break is there to hit anything resistant to Dark, especially Steels, and can give more coverage. If you want a chance against Fighting types, feel free to replace Brick Break with Aerial Ace.
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rocksword777 answered:

Mine knows Iron Head, night Slash, X-Scissor, and Shadow Claw and it has been extremely valuable to my team. I know a lot of people arent exactly a huge fan of Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace is another option. Keep in mind that I made this Bisharp to be purely offensive and that is why it doesnt know Swords Dance or anything. Ive heard that a really good strategy is to combine Taunt, Sucker Punch, and Metal Burst, but I havent tried it or faced it so im not sure...
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YerroGamer answered:

Bisharp @ Life Orb/Focus Sash
252 Atk/252 Def/4 Hp(you could switch it up, but this works for me)
Moves: Sucker Punch
Knock Off
Swords Dance
Iron Head

Strategy: This is a stupid strategy, but it works. If the opposing team has an
Espeon with magic bounce make whatever pokemon
(preferably smeargle) use sticky webs. The other team will
stay in to bounce it back. Then you could bring in your bisharp
for the attack boost from defiant and use swords dance if they
switch. You shouldn't worry too much if you're slow because
a defiant boosted sucker punch takes care of most threats, and
if something does out speed will it have super effective moves?
Well, some pokemon, but thats what your other pokemon are for
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YerroGamer answered:

Oh yeah, threats include choice band azumarill, any-type-of-set conkeldur, togekiss, other bisharps(they could have brick break), and ferrothorn(not really).
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