Question from xXgreggy15Xx

Does anyone wanna trade pokemon with me?

if anyone wants to trade with me just post bak on to this because I really need some stronger pokemon


ellis123 answered:

Use the trade board for trades. This is a section to ask questions about the game.
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pokemonrocker13 answered:

Pm me i will give you my fc and name
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002790 answered:

My friend code is 3825 7908 2605.
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SAIYAN48 answered:

I have a level 48 Absol and a level 48 Solrock.

If interested.

Name: NN
Fc: 0132-1666-3729
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WOWlolHAHAHA answered:

I can go and catch any pokemon for u Not legendarys raise it evolve it strong then trade it with you respond back if interested(only pokemon in unova region)
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gamedude9999 answered:

Zorua, Alomomola, Zebstrika, Sentret etc...

let me know if interested.
FC:3654 0937 8089
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chaosbraker5000 answered:

I have a Volarona level 70 if you want it . Btw, what time is it where you are now?( That way i can set up a accurate time.) I have it hot, ready and waiting for trade. please answer back. My code is 5157 3426 2217. I go by Ash. I am old fashioned.
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chaosbraker5000 answered:

Pm me.
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dorkelsaurus answered:

There is an extire board full of people looking to trade, here is the link:

I'm sure you can find lots of people there.
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ReshiramBlack answered:

Dorkelsaurus is right about the trading boards. Please look for my topic "Trade for my special pokemon". I own almost every nonlegendary pokemon you could imagine. Also, PM me for exchanging friend codes.f
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Danb218 answered:

My friend code is (0304-5154-9255
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DjpaulyD answered:

My name is ash fc: 0003-8846-0738
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UGotLeeroyed answered:

I have a lv 50 sawk just sayin he is pretty beast
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Romeo_Banks answered:

I'm new to this game but I wanna know if someone will trade a low level roggenrola for my low level roggenrola

FC: 4255 9513 6582
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Chukwudebe answered:

My name is chukwudebeosadebay FC 3998 3762 3310
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Chukwudebe answered:

mean chuk
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shinygenesect12 answered:

I will trade u any Pokemon from Pokemon white 2 on Sunday October 7
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pokemonfan2013 answered:

I can get u any pokemon.
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MUFC19 answered:

Anyone wanna trade mewtwo with me?
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g4merdude answered:

Anyone want to trade gurdurr. I really want a conkeldurr, but the only way to get one is by trading. I can give one too.
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