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Help about water ripples (fishing spots)?

I want to make a full-dragon party,and I'm currently hunting for a Kingdra at route 17/18/P2 Lab. I am supposed to fish it out of fishing ripples, but i found ripples really rarely. Is there any ways to make them appear more oftenly? thanks for answers, I really appreciate it.

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Well, i actually dont know if this does the same with water, but when i want to find an audino, i just get on my bike and ride around in the area that i want to find it and the grass starts rustling after a few seconds, but i dont know if it will do the same as water. -Hope this helps!

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Well what i do is use a max repel then surf around till one appers then go in to it or fish

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To make them appear(i had the same problem) go to a watery land(Best) or normal land area in the area you are in and ride your bike franticly around and they will pop up quickly!! about 5 to 30 seconds of wait time!! Then you can fish in the dark circles that pop up!! I got me a whopper!!!! It's a big one!!! but even if the dark circles pop up you will have a really hard time finding kingdra!! it will probably take 3 to 5 hours to find one and even then you will have an even harder time catching it!! i caught one though!!(although i traded it already!!)

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It has a catch numer of 1.(the lower the number the harder it is to catch.)

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