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Asked: 3 years ago

Action Replay???

When Ever I Try To "Boot My Game With The Codes" My System Freezes. Like, In The Other Games, It Will Ask Me, " Boot Game With Codes?" After I Select My Codes And Click Start At The Bottom Right Corner, Then, I Hit "Yes" And The Screen Turns White And The Game Starts. But For The Pokemon Black Version, It Doesn't Do That. After I Click "Yes" After It Asks Me To Boot Games With Codes, The Game Just Keeps Freezing. I Tried Restarting The System And It Is Still Freezing Whenever I Click Yes. How Can I Fix It???

NOTE: Plz Dont Say Things Like The Action Replay Is Stupid, Im A Dumb Cheater, My Head Is Messed Up, Im Dumb And/Or Stupid Because I Cant Figure Things Out And Need To Cheat To Complete The Game, Because Ive Heard All Of These AND THEY UPSET MEH!!!!! D:

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Already did tht......

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From: Devil_Dog714 3 years ago

Possibly too many codes on at once, or you mis-entered a code, and it won't load.

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Update your firmware. This can help if you're using a DSi:

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