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Good battle team?

Is this a good battle train team?

Milotic* - Adamant
-Ice Beam
-Hydro Beam

Machamp* - Gentle?
-Stone Edge
-Poison Jab
-Cross Chop

Dusknoir - Adamant
-Shadow Sneak

*-Shiny :P

I know the natures arent the best and that i dotn have anything good against water, but can i get some suggestions? Whats good whats bad what can i change...

Also I have some other guys i can use:


happypotatoes provided additional details:

I got a couple good ideas, I am going to swap Hex and Will-o-wisp with Thunderpunch and Firepunch, because the Hex-WillOWisp combo was horrible. Also I am swaping milotic for a Gallade, because milotic and machamp were supper effective to basically the same types and Gallade can add alot to the table(grass psych ice and another fighting move).

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kyogre8877 answered:

What? you didn't use any gen5? its up to you of course...

Since TM is unlimited now, i think you will have easier time to change the moveset
Here's my suggestion
MILOTIC (EV spatk spd)
ability : marvel scale
-Ice Beam
-Hidden Power (grass or lightning)

MACHAMP (EV atk spd or atk hp)
ability : No Guard
-Dynamic Punch
-Stone Edge
-Bullet Punch

>>> Dusknoir its not an offensive pokemon, its good for triple battle or rotation battle

-Shadow Punch/Shadow Sneak
-Ice Punch / Fire Punch
-Trick Room
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bluepinoy1031 answered:

yeah your milotics nature is crap but oh well. For me, I would go for eelektross (first pre evolve tynamo) since eelektross has levitate ground cant kill it. i think there arent many fire pokemon so i would go with escavalier. you probaly dont have these pokemon evolved yet but they are pretty worth it. Sorry if this doesnt help
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