Question from ultimatekirby02

How do I get a Rufflet in Pokemon Black?

When I'm looking for a rufflet, It always says Area Unknown.

Where do we get Rufflets in black!

pikachuBOx55 asked for clarification:

I have Braivary in pokemon black and i am wondering about breeding it with another pokemon. So what pokemon do i have to leave with him?


kingkrown24 answered:

We unfortunately can't, black version gets vullaby's (only female) while white on gets rufflets (only male) so you'd have to get him by trade and make an egg with a ditto to get him.
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Kraleck answered:

Rufflet is a White Version Exclusive. Trade with White.
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Sheep007 answered:

If you trade with white you will easily get a rufflet or even a braivary.
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hiei_hirashi answered:

My best advice is to find a trainer who has a Braviary. Check in Undella Town. Cynthia has one and one of the rich people. After registering it in the pokedex, check the GTS.
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