Question from Reshiram4312

What do I do in Black City?

I only have like four buildings in the back that don't have doors and there aren't any people anywhere. What am I supposed to do?

Accepted Answer

kingkrown24 answered:

Well to have more buildings and a maximum of 10 trainers to battle along with new stuff to buy in black city you have to entralink via wireless with someone who has white and has made it to white forest which is black city in their game. When your in their white forrest talk to the trainers there and convince them to go to your black city. ^^
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EliteError answered:

Black City is a place for battling, almost everyone in the city is battlable. So just walk up to anyone on the street and you will be able to battle them. Also in Black city you are able to buy things that you cannot get in normal gameplay.
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