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Asked: 3 years ago

Evolve Magmar?

I've been having my Magmar for a while and i want to evolve it. How can i evolve my Magmar without actually trading it?

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From: EliteError 3 years ago

There is no other way, you must trade your Magma with the Magmarizer otherwise you will not be able to get a Magmortar.

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You can hack a magmortar via action replay but it'd just be a wild one and magmar only evolves by trade, if your worried you won't get him back just trade with a friend wirelessly and ask for a trade back then you'll both be satisfied. ^^

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There is also a slight glitch and it requires alot of luck. Put it in the GTS with the item for something like a level 9 and under Zapdos, once its done search for a trade you can actually do. After the new trade is done, leave the gts, reenter it and take it out. It will act as if you traded with yourself

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