Question from boxhead327

When should I evolve my eelektrik?


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bluepinoy1031 answered:

No. whenever it evolves it dramatically changes the pokemons stats. for example: a larvesta has more attack than special attack, but when it evolves. it becomes more sp attack. so if the atack on eelektrik's is maybe 250 at lv 100 and you use thunderstone it becomes 350. so go ahead and evolve it now.
i recommend evolving it once it's lv 69 because it learns zap canon(100% paralyze). Unless you prefer a full set of attack then just evolve it whenever you feel like it.
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mnkysprn answered:

Any time you have the Thunder Stone. It gains more TM moves after it evolves.
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boxhead327 answered:

Do the stats get any better if I train it as an eelektrik for a while or not?
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