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Asked: 3 years ago

After finding all of the seven sages where do you go to find N?

Looker tells you he has information on N's location but he does not tell you where it is,

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From: ellis123 3 years ago

You can't find N. N doesn't actually make an appearance after having beaten him in the castle. The time that Looker references him is only that, a reference.

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He tells you information about N, but you can't find him. N changes his ways that Ghetsis makes him. Team Plasma basically keeps him in the dark so he becomes obsessed with the wrong things. But, after the last battle with him, he changes and leaves on his own path. The information on N was to show that he has been with the legendary pokemon and they are both on the safe path and not the path of destruction. I know the stuff sounds cliche, but that's the reason why Looker gives you that little tidbit. Hope that helps!

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