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IV breeding?

how do you pass down IV to the child. In Fact can you possibly explain the whole IV training to me? PM if you cant fit in enough info

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SilverClock answered:

The egg can only randomly inherit 3 of the 12 total IVs from its parents. You can influence 1 of those by giving Power items like the Power Bracer or Lens to one of the parents. For example, give the female a Power Lens and the egg will inherit the mothers Sp. Atk. IV. You can obtain these Power items from the Battle Subway by purchasing them with battle points.
If you give Power items to both parents then the egg will only pick ONE of the 2 IVs, NOT both.
3 IVs are inherited from the parents.
The other 3 are randomly generated.
Talk to the guy in the Battle Subway in Nimbasa to get an idea of what your Pokemons IVs are. If he says a stat "Can't be better" that means it has a perfect 31 IV in the stats he mentions.
Find out which pokemon have IVs that "can't be better" and mark them through the PC box

HP: Circle
Attack: Triangle
Defense: Square
Special attack: Heart
Special Defense: Star
Speed: Diamond

to keep track.
Then breed the perfect IV Pokemon together to where you get multiple perfect IVs on 1 Pokemon. If I can get a Pokemon with the nature I want and with 3 perfect IVs that I want, I TAKE IT, because getting 6 perfect IVs would take WAY too long. And I'm just battling with friends in my neighborhood.
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