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Trading from platinum to black/white?

Is it possible to trade pokemon from platinum with out the natianol dex?? If so how???

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Kraleck answered:

You need the National Dex Mode to access Route 15. It's an automatic event to obtain it, so do not worry. Just complete the game past the "Pokemon League & Plasma" event to get there.
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Pato444 answered:

Yes but you have to go to the transfer lab on route 15 to do so
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dcoughler answered:

You cannot trade from Platinum to Black and White. On route 15 after you get the national pokedex, you can *transfer* pokemon from Platinum to Black or White, but it is a transfer, not a trade. The pokemon will disappear from your Platinum cartridge.

Without the National Dex, the only way to get non-Unova pokemon is either through the Dream World, or trading them with another Black/White player that has already transferred them.
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DarkElectricity answered:

No You Cannot Trade From Platinum To Black/White... However Their is a Resaerch lab on Route 15 That You can Transfer Pokemon From your Platinum To Black and White. You'll Need 2 DS's , For the Transfer.
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