Question from andrewbotswanas

Asked: 3 years ago

Can i trade action replay pokemon?

Hi the only pokemon version i have played before black is red and in that game I caught all 151 (and i had obtained them all including mew without cheating) and when i discovered that there was no way of my pokemon from my red version to black version i used action replay codes to get back some of my favourites.

So today i tried trading one of my pokemon and it didn't let my trade so i was wonding if there was any way to get some of these pokemon to trade?

Accepted Answer

From: kyogre8877 3 years ago

You can't Use GTS to trade hacked Pokemon. GTS will check its captured location, moveset, and Stat (EV too)
If you use AR to generate shiny pokemon, but the capture location and moveset is correct, it still be allowed to GTS trade.
But if you generate a pokemon with all stat 999 or all EV 255, you won't be able to trade it

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Submitted Answers


I think you can only private trade, not through the GTS

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Generally,unless the pokemon can or function differently or like freeze when using them You should be able to trade,but if u cant,then i got to go with my info and say no,u cant.For some pokemon im reckon

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