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Game reset?

I know how in different games you can insert a button code to erase your save file is there one for black and white? If so please post it as an answer I irreparably damaged my game save and now can't save

hiei_hirashi asked for clarification::

Does messing with the clock also break the game?

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zgapd answered:

Up+Select+B as in the rest of the games.....Answering my own question how awesome XD
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oishij answered:

Zeke you are correct ive tried this and it works thanks zeke. it is up +select+b
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ouchalargerock answered:

oishij, It makes you wait 24 more hours to go to DW. It will also mess up Black City and White Forest if you skip days.
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Kouta_Fox answered:

In order to erase your saved file, press and hold the Up+Select+B buttons on the Pokemon titile screen. I believe the game will also instructed you how to erase your saved file if you started a new game and tried to overwrite you saved game.
If you want to 'soft reset' your game, press and hold the L+R+Start+Select buttons during gameplay if you needed to know. XD
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