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What sholud be my 6th pokemon?

I already have a party of Lapras, Houndoom, Golurk, Galvantula and Lucarion but i don't know what the other can be. By the way the pokemon suggested must be findable in pokemon black, not pokemon that can be transferred, traded, etc.

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Sorry i meant lucario not lucariont

And could you suggest a moveset of the pokemon suggested

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Also note that i am not replacing anyone on my team sorry A_Little_Child

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OK what team do you suggest then. I will keep lucario, galvantula and golurk no matter what. i also need good fire type then. I have a victini that is pretty good but not sure if it should be in my party.

P.S. Galvantula and victini have energy ball

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kyogre8877 answered:

You have 3 pokemon that is weak against Fighting, and believe me you will find a lot of people using Focus Blast or Brick Break on Non-fighting pokemon

But you said you dont want to change, so okay...
I suggest your last pokemon to be Grass pokemon
As you may know, There are a lot of Water/Ground pokemon (Quaqsire, Swampert, Whiscash, Gastrodon, Seismitoad) and its only weakness is GRASS

You will have a hard time killing them without GRASS type, believe me because I have experienced so many times dealing with Swampert or Gastrodon
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A_Little_Child answered:

Suggestion: get rid of lapras and houndoom. lapras will be made to a milo tic and houndoom to a hydreigon. for your last pokemon, put a bold whimsicott with cotton guard, hurricane, leech seed and toxic/energy ball
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seismitoad1304 answered:

I strongly recommend a Haxorus with Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, X-Siscor, and maybe brick break??? Or shadow claw???. If not then I suggest a chandelure with flamethrower, will o wisp, energy ball , and shadow ball. Good luck
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