Question from Scry12

How do I get my pokemon to learn a Dreamworld ability?

For example I want my Ditto to have Imposter instead of Limber


sonictrainer answered:

You have to find a Ditto on the Dream World, which is an online function. In order to do this, you have to set up an account at
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El_Schemo answered:

At the moment, there is no way to get a Ditto with Impostor. It is impossible to legitimately change a Pokemon's regular ability to its Dream World ability. Furthermore, Ditto are currently unavailable in the Dream World. Sorry, but at the moment, there's just no way to do it.
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snowboyabs answered:

If i'm right i believe that if you breed a pokemon with a pokemon that has a dreamworld ability that a non-dreamworld pokemon it should get that ability. Like for example...a female pokemon from dreamworld that has regenerator that can breed with the boy non-dreamworld pokemon that can have that ability through dreamworld. (It doesnt have to be same pokemon/just same breeding type). EXAMPLE: Girl audino with regenerator(doesnt have to be from dreamworld) and a boy almomola(not from dreamworld) because its dreamworld ability is regenerator. Try it out. Oh, but theres like a 1/16 chance that the egg learned the dreamworld ability. Again, Im not 100% sure, but it should work. Hope it does
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Lugswo answered:

You have to get a ditto in the Dream World. Otherwise, it is impossible and cannot be done without cheating.
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Doordude2 answered:

You can not get your pokemon to learn a dreamworld ability. The only way to get a dreamworld ability is by catching a pokemon in the dreamworld. The only exceptions are darmanitan which you can get with a dreamworld ability by using a RagecandyBar on the statues outside of the Relic Castle and then catching the pokemon.
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GalladetheGreat answered:

You can't get an Imposter Ditto yet.
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Rouge_511 answered:

Pretty simple: if you find that Pokemon in the dream world, it has a chance of having it's hidden ability.
So try your luck.
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