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What is the average level of the pokemon in the Elite Four league?

About what level are the pokemon used by the Elite Four? What level should my pokemon be, at minimum, to challenge them?

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nahtaf answered:

Elite Four Shauntal
* L71Cofarigus
* L71 Golurk
* L71 Jellicent
* L73 Chandelure
* L71 Froslass
* L71 Drifblim
Recommended Types: Dark, Grass, Water.

Elite Four Grimsley
* L71 Scrafty
* L71 Liepard
* L71 Krookodile
* L73 Bisharp
* L71Sharpedo
* L71 Drapion
Recommended Types: Fighting, Bug.

Elite Four Caitlin
* L71 Reuniclus
* L71 Sigilyph
* L71 Musharna
* L71 Gothitelle
* L73 Metagross
* L71 Bronzong
Recommended Types: Dark, Bug

Elite Four Marshal
* L71 Throh
* L71 Sawk
* L73 Conkeldurr
* L71 Mienshao
* L71breelom
* L71 Toxicroak
Recommended Types: Psychic, Flying

Champion Alder
* L75 Bouffalant
* L75 Vanniluxe
* L75 Druddigon
* L77 volcarona
* L75 Escavalier
* L75 Accelgor
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hoovinator1994 answered:

They range from 48 to 50, however its better to get your pokemon to like 54ish because of the other pokemon after you defeat the e4. those pokemon range from 50--54
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Gelugon_baat answered:

When fought for the first time, the Elite Four in Black/White have Pokemon with levels 48 to 50, with an average of 48.5. There is no required minimum level of Pokemon (only the eight badges needed to challenge them), but it's probably smart to get Pokemon with a few levels above 50 at least, if only to have a distinct advantage.

If the player seeks rematches with them, their Pokemon gets ramped up to levels 71 to 73, with an average of 71.33. Of course, the player has better have Pokemon of comparable levels.
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Nightmare-_- answered:

Elite Four Shauntal
* L48 Cofarigus
* L48 Golurk
* L48 Jellicent
* L50 Chandelure
Recommended Level: 45
Recommended Types: Dark, Grass, Water.

Elite Four Grimsley
* L48 Scrafty
* L48 Liepard
* L48 Krookodile
* L50 Bisharp
Recommended Level: 45
Recommended Types: Fighting, Bug.

Elite Four Caitlin
* L48 Reuniclus
* L48 Sigilyph
* L48 Musharna
* L50 Gothitelle
Recommended Level: 45
Recommended Types: Dark, Bug

Elite Four Marshal
* L48 Throh
* L48 Sawk
* L48 Conkeldurr
* L50 Mienshao
Recommended Level: 45
Recommended Types: Psychic, Flying
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kamikaze_pigmy answered:

The first time you face the elite four, each member has three level 48 pokemon as well as a single level 50 pokemon. It's a good idea, though, to take a full team of pokemon level 52 or above as you will face some more challenging trainers (who I won't name to avoid potential spoilers) directly after beating them.

As always, each elite four member has a speciality, which in Pokemon Black and White are ghost-, dark-, psychic-, and fighting-types. Obviously, it's a good idea to take pokemon with type advantages over these, as well as loading your backpack up with all the items you're likely to need (revives, potions, status healers etc.).
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TrainerGold answered:

You can look here for all details
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Tai1021 answered:

I personaly had pokemon at high 40's so if your having diffculties with the eiite 4 just get higher lvs should be okay and for ------&--------(names not included for spoilers) just remember your geting something really useful soon.
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rogan4310 answered:

The average level would be 48.5 but as there aren't half levels it would be lvl 48. Each of the elite four members have three lvl 48 and one lvl 50 pokemon. If I were you I'd be patient, train my entire team to mid to high 50's so that the battle is easy and can take on team plasma afterwards.
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