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Gary in unova?

I went on the web & found something interesting, I found you can fight Gary or "blue" from kanto in this game proof? They have the remixed version of the rival battle song you have with him in blue, red & yellow I just want to confirm is it true?

kingkrown24 provided additional details:

I know the music for the battle subway boss & battles so it's not that just look it up & hear it Gary / blue will definitely be in this game or is already in here I mean he is the current kanto champion right?

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MetalKingBoo answered:

While the music theme is actually in the game, Gary / Blue himself is not in the game unfortunately.
The music plays when you're fighting the boss Trainers in the Battle Subway.

You can listen to it here:

Don't listen to what others say. He is no where to be found.
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wwedxchamp answered:

Wat website is it I wanna see
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560cool answered:

He doesn't exist in Pokemon Black and White. The music plays for the Battle Subway bosses.
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Juniorpower answered:

Gary is not in Unova according to all the battles I have entered and I havent seen any sign of Gary
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Black_Trainer answered:

No. It's not true. You can find Cynthia from Sinnoh though
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burner001 answered:

Only 3 people are in the game that are not from Unova: Caitlin: Elite 4 member(Psychic)->Battle Castle in Sinnoh/Johto(?)
Cynthia-Battle in the Spring/Summer in Undella->Champion of Sinnoh league
Looker-Private investigator-> Same in Sinnoh
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